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The PNGME sub-saharan Africa 15m ventures are a group of high-profile entrepreneurs and investors who are working to make a difference in the African continent Singhtechcrunch . This group of young entrepreneurs are putting their skills to work to create businesses that will help to improve the lives of people in the region. They are also helping to create opportunities for other entrepreneurs to learn from their experiences.


Pngme is an African fintech startup based in San Francisco. The company provides data infrastructure for banks and other financial institutions in sub-Saharan Africa. It offers machine learning-as-a-service to the industry. It has raised $15 million in Series A funding from a series of investors, including Octopus Ventures.

Pngme has built a platform that allows financial institutions and other partners to access real-time, actionable data. It has already processed billions of data points from financial institutions and other industries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Currently, it is used by banks, credit bureaus, and fintechs. This year, the company is doubling down on its Insights Library product, which enables financial institutions to use machine learning models to analyze their customers’ financial behavior.

Pngme has hired two new executives to further strengthen its operations. Chief Strategy Officer Lorraine Kageni Maina and Chief Technology Officer Nick Masson will join the firm. They will also expand its data science and engineering teams globally.

Financial data management platform

Pngme is a fintech API startup that aims to create an alternative financial data platform for Sub-Saharan Africa. The San Francisco-based company says it has created an end-to-end customer management platform that combines data collected from multiple sources. This allows financial institutions to interact directly with their customers and use that data to make smarter credit decisions. It recently raised a $15 million Series A round led by Octopus Ventures and Aruwa Capital Management.

The investment will be used to expand the company’s executive and engineering team. Pngme will also be using the money to scale its product for mobile money operators and large enterprise banks. As it seeks to build up its business, it has hired Nick Masson as CTO and trendingbird Lorraine Kageni Maina as CSO.

Pngme’s infrastructure provides a scalable, reliable, and easy-to-integrate API that helps financial institutions aggregate data at scale. It has processed billions of data points from hundreds of financial institutions in the region.

Data science, engineering, and sales teams

Pngme, a San Francisco-based fintech startup, raised a $15 million Series A round in 2018. The startup has a data infrastructure platform and is attempting to build a machine learning-as-a-service platform for the Sub Saharan African market. Its clients include tier one banks in South Africa and Nigeria.

As part of the funding, the company also plans to expand its engineering and sales teams worldwide. In addition to bringing in more product members, it will also hire a new chief technology officer (CTO) and a chief strategy officer (CSO).

Pngme offers a data infrastructure platform that aims to unify alternative financial data sources. By combining this data with existing financial APIs, partners can integrate the platform into their products filmy4wep.

Pngme’s platform provides users with an insight into their financial behavior. The company has partnered with credit bureaus such as Credpal and Simplefi. This has helped to boost the company’s traction, particularly with the banking industry.

Fintech clients in sub saharan africa

Pngme is a US-based fintech startup that aims to build a machine learning-as-a-service platform for sub-Saharan Africa. The startup’s service caters to financial institutions, fintechs and credit bureaus in the region. Its platform consists of three core products: a mobile SDK, a credit and lending API, and a data science service roobytalk.

A key feature of Pngme’s platform is its data processing pipelines. This allows it to collect billions of data from various sources, including traditional banks, digital financial platforms, and credit bureaus. As a result, it creates a holistic picture of an individual’s financial behavior. Using the data, it offers clients the ability to verify their identities, monitor their transactions, and send alerts for missed payments.

With the company’s recent Series A investment, Pngme will be able to expand its global customer base and hire key executives. Specifically, it plans to add a data science team, an engineering team, and a sales team sarkari result.


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