Do You Believe Hip Hop Music Influences Lifestyle Choices Today?

Do you believe hip hop music influences lifestyle choices today? Many rappers in the past have addressed inner-city struggles. They often talk about overcoming hardships and achieving success, and their stories give hope to young people in similar situations. However, not all hip-hop artists adhere to the same ideals. Some may even be influenced by violence and drug use. Nevertheless, these artists are not without merit.

Another recent study conducted in the UK found a connection between drill music and attention-seeking crime. In other words, the lyrics are a guide for the audience, who may be judging a rapper’s lifestyle based on the content of his or her music. This is a problem. While rap artists may not be actively promoting drug use, they may be sending a message that drugs and alcohol are acceptable.

In addition to promoting awareness of self, hip hop has many positive influences for teenagers. It can empower young people to pursue their dreams, and promote an appreciation for hard work. It can also open conversations on the value of hard work and perseverance. However, there are also negative influences that hip hop music may have on our lifestyles. In the long run, hip hop music influences our choices in both good and bad ways.

The popularity of rap has been fueled by a heightened media presence, as it has been featured on many television shows, including the British One. Then, the genre was embraced by mainstream America, making rap more commercial than ever before. Many brands have endorsed hip hop artists, and rappers are marketed in the same way as popular brands. In fact, in 1986, Adidas endorsed Run D.M.C. for a track that was a reference to Adidas sneakers and tracksuits. As a result, many teenagers were exposed to a broader array of products than they were initially familiar with.

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