How to Shoot Jewelry Photography Like Professionals

If you’re serious about shooting your jewelry as beautifully as possible, here are a few tricks to keep your pictures looking their best. The biggest tip is to start by focusing on the largest gemstone. If you’re photographing a plain ring, try focusing on the rim closest to the camera and a visible pattern or inscription. If you have trouble capturing a sharp shot in a single photo, use an AF point that can be moved around the screen.

Lighting is another critical aspect of jewelry photography. A bright, indirect light source is preferable to an artificial one. Lighting is critical, as it will either enhance or detract from the final result. Make sure that your lighting source is white or at least neutral. If the lighting is artificial, use a diffuser cap to reduce the risk of colour casts or reflections. Always try to use natural light where possible, and setup near a window.

A high ISO will increase the noise in your photos, so make sure you stick to f/11 or f/13. Another important tip for jewelry photography is to use the middle of the lens’s f-stop. A mid-range aperture value will ensure the best possible focus parameters. Unlike with other photography techniques, shutter speed is not as critical. Usually, jewelry photography is done on a tripod, so it’s easier to control the shutter speed and maintain the focal distance.

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