Jewellery Photography Tips to Improve Your Photos

One of the most important things to consider when shooting jewelry is the amount of light available for the photo. Many famous jewellery brands have the best photos when the subject is completely in focus. To achieve this effect, you should adjust the camera’s aperture to ensure that the subject appears in focus. A high f-number means that the photographer will have to shoot with less light, so make sure that you use the right other camera settings to compensate.

Another tip for a better photo is to use props. Some jewelers use a live model to give their customers an idea of the size of the piece. If this is too distracting for the customers, you can use coins as a reference. However, using coins might not be useful if your customers are buying your jewels from other countries. If you have enough money, you can even hire a professional model to help you. Otherwise, family members can help you out with the photos.

Aside from using a tripod, other tips to improve your photos include using a gray card to correct the white balance. This is important when photographing delicate jewelry, as it can sway for some time. Then, wait for the jewellery to stop moving before taking the shot. While you are shooting jewelry, you should also note down the lighting values. Note the positions of the lights and light modifiers. For natural photography, also consider the time of day and the weather, as this can impact the colors of the light.

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