Plastic surgery problems that are often encountered in nose surgery

Perforated skin is the most serious complication. Correcting surgery to return to the original is the most difficult. Especially if the punctured area occurs at the tip of the nose. 

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It will cause a scar for life. The perforation is often accompanied by a purulent infection, and then the skin tissue dies and perforates. If the perforation is in the nostrils, it can still be corrected, hiding the scar. If it penetrates the tip of the nose Therefore, if you see that there is inflammation, pain, swelling, redness, you need to see a doctor. And hurry to remove the reinforced material because if you force it to continue, it may cause a puncture.

Rough nose bridge

If palpation on the bridge of the nose is found and roughness on the bridge of the nose Especially after surgery for more than 1 year, it may be caused by fibrosis. or calcium to adhere to the capsule or to the silicone island where the surgery was performed. silicone replacement surgery The new soft type replaces the original hard type.

How to prevent complications

Before rhinoplasty, you should think carefully before doing it because it is not necessary or important for life. There is no urgent need for surgery. Unlike a ruptured appendix, a perforated intestine, which does not have time to wait, therefore should be carefully studied. by looking at the following factors: Readiness of the patient The patient must be ready. have a strong body No serious congenital disease, no source of infection in the body during surgery, such as chronic sinusitis, flu, kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, etc. or taking certain medications that May impede the healing of wounds such as chemotherapy drugs, anti-cancer drugs, including the burden of expenses. The clinic or hospital should be a standard medical facility. Has a license to be a hospital business That has been authorized by the Division of the Art of Healing Ministry of Public Health properly Especially if it is a clinic specialized in cosmetic surgery, it would be good. Because there will be periodic inspections from the Ministry of Public Health, and the clinic must be clean. There is a properly sterilized operating room with a change of clothes. Sterile for both patients and surgeons The operating room should be separated from the examining room and should not be free to walk in and out.


In the process of surgery Doctors must be meticulous in preventing infection, wearing hats, mouth masks and sterile gowns, etc., not just a pair of gloves. Because it was an operation to insert a foreign body into my body It is necessary to prevent infection.

A plastic surgeon who has received complete training will have knowledge and caution in quite high precautions. academically trained and trained for years Although all medical graduates in Thailand can perform any surgery according to the law. but knowledge and experience in solving problems and preventing side effects in the procedure is very different, just like a rhinoplasty that looks simple, but contains many detailed concepts and principles that trained doctors. come well must know

Doctors who have received training in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. will be able to apply knowledge and be able to modify Problems when complications arise academically Before getting a surgeon to decorate each one Physicians must have completed 3 years of work as a general practitioner before being able to pass the qualifying examination for at least 5 more years of training in order to be certified or certified. Approved card from the Medical Council He is knowledgeable and skilled in plastic surgery. And still have to work for another 2 years before becoming a member of the Society of Plastic Surgeons. beautician in Thailand And now there are only 360 members.

Origin of “Filler” Filler (Filler) is a filler that is different from Botox (Botox) because Botox It is an anti-wrinkle substance that works by stopping the nerve impulses of that muscle bundle. Previously, Dermal filler has been used to fill the face for more than 10 years, both in Thailand and abroad. in which a new word is attached to the word The next fillers are Permanent and Semi-Permanent. This is a new word that has been mentioned after the previous one. When talking about fillers, there are often mentions of their properties, such as fillers that dissolve in 3 months, 6 months, some 1 year and 2-5 years, respectively, in fact, fillers are divided into 3 large groups as follows:

  1. Temporary Dermal Filler, such as Zyderm, Zyplast, are considered genuine collagen but synthesized from cows, so before injection, it must be tested to see if allergic or not, otherwise people who do not eat beef or allergic to bovine extracts There might be an allergy violence can follow Currently almost none Which clinic has injected this kind of substance?
  2. Semi-Permanent Dermal filler (semi-permanent filler is the type that is injected and then filled) such as Restylane, Hydrafill, Hylaform, Juvederm. The group is Hyaluronic Acid (HA) synthesized from the fermentation of a germ called Streptococcus. which each of the brands mentioned above It is often presented as a Good product, large molecules and when injected, it doesn’t spread far.
  3. Permanent Dermal filler One injection, lifelong) are Artecoll, Artifill, Aquamid, Radiesse. This group is a synthetic substance such as Artecoll or Artefill, it is a group of substances. Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), where Acrylate is the last word, has a state similar to Acrylic (acrylic or smooth plastic sheet).

Aquamid is Polyacrylamide. Or a polymer, while Radiesse is Calcium Hydro-xylapatide. or is the composition of bones and teeth Therefore, this type of filler is not imported for use in Thailand because it is not certified. from the Food and Drug Administration or FDA, although some clinics say It has been certified by foreign countries. Injection to add depth. increase skin thickness It has been in existence since the 1960s, when it was injected widely in America, Europe and Japan. The first injection was originally liquid silicone (Liquid Silicone). When it was injected for about 20 years, it was known that liquid silicone had consequences. is that the flow is not in the position The injection caused inflammation of the skin. Whether it’s inflammation, swelling, or redness Lumpy inflammation is a hard kidney under that part of the skin, and most importantly, liquid silicone is also a carcinogen in Thailand itself. Liquid silicone is still popularly injected among the illegal doctors because it is cheap. And also secretly injected in beauty salons, in condos or in parking lots . There are still injections like this, but it’s starting to decrease because there are some illegal doctors secretly opening the clinic themselves. or hire a real doctor hang Sign and inject some

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