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Who Were the Best Cast From the Original Law Order?

Who were the best cast from the original Law-Order? show? The casts of these two shows are extremely large, and a large number of people have come and gone. The two shows have been on television for decades, and have had dozens of different actors come and go. But who was the most memorable? Here are five of the best actors from the original Law-Order series. And while some of them might be more memorable than others, they all nailed their roles perfectly.

Fred Thompson: While he was not immediately likable, Michael Cutter’s performance gradually won over fans. His best role was making Jack McCoy wonder if he was really that annoying as an assistant district attorney. His presence on the show reminded McCoy of the cases he’d handled in the past. This made him a very important part of the series. The original cast of Law Order was quite diverse, with some characters even more famous than others.

Michael Logan: The show’s main cast was dominated by hot-headed detectives like Mike Logan, who eventually left the show after cold-cocking a politician. While the series’ early episodes are full of hot-headed sleuths, these characters’ hot-headedness also makes them the show’s most compelling leads. Even though Logan was hot-headed and prone to hot tempers, he was nevertheless one of the best leads in the show’s history.

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